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Department of Statistics Technical Reports, University of Nebraska, 2006.
Copyright 2006 Kendra Schmid, David Marx, and Ashok Samal.


Analysis of attractiveness of faces has long been a topic of research. Literature has identified many different factors that can be related to attractiveness including symmetry, averageness, sexual dimorphism and adherence to the Golden Ratio. In this research we systematically analyze the role of three factors: symmetry, conformance to Neoclassical Canons and the Golden Ratio in the determination of attractiveness of a face. Unlike many researchers, we focus on the geometry of a face and use actual faces in standardized databases for our analysis. Our results are in agreement with the literature in that males and females generally agree on which faces are viewed as attractive and which are not. However, there are some differences in the criteria used by males and females to determine attractiveness. Using statistical analyses, we have developed a model to predict the attractiveness of a face using its geometry. The results show that our model is accurate with low residual errors.