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In: Performance of Protective Clothing, v. 4; ASTM STP 1133 (1992)


Copyright 1992 by ASTM International. Used by permission.


This study evaluated the contribution of oily and particulate soil residue to pesticide residue removal. 100% cotton and 65% polyester/35% cotton, were artificially soiled with a standard soil. The fabrics were laundered with the same substrate fabric without soil. Initial methyl parathion contamination was not dependent on the soil level or fiber content of the fabric. Residues remaining after laundering were affected by soiling level. Pesticide residues were greater when the fabric had a heavy soil build-up even though the initial contamination had been lower. Based on these findings, protective apparel should be kept as clean as possible, with daily laundering, for the presence of soil residue affected decontamination of the fabrics.