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1989: Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences XVII: 37-60. Copyright © 1989 James E. Ducey. All rights reserved. Article included here with author's written permission.


This review and compilation of available published material and personal observations of several people outlines the specific range and status of bird species in the Niobrara River Valley. There are several biotic communities represented by pine forest, deciduous forest, prairie, wetland meadow, marsh, river channel, and others. The diversity of the Valley floristic communities provides habitat for a unique mix of avifauna. More than 250 species have been recorded in the Valley between the Wyoming state line and the junction of the Missouri River. Also discussed is avian hybridization and population information for some species. About 25 species are recognized for having disjunct ranges in the Valley. Species more typical of the north, southwest, east and west in Nebraska have range extensions or range limits along the Niobrara. Several threatened and endangered species are found. Livestock grazing throughout the Valley has a detrimental impact on habitat used by birds.

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