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Published in 2002. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences 28: 1-13; Copyright © 2002 Egan, Morgan, Wetmore, and Ladd


Recent field work and literature records have documented 99 species of lichens and three lichenicolous fungi new to Nebraska. The genera Acrocordia, Bispora, Canomaculina, Catillaria, Cladina, Leproloma, Lichinella, Megaspora, Muellerella, Placynthiella, Polysporina, Pseudevernia, Stigmidium, Strigula, and Vulpicida also represent first reports for the state. These records are summarized here along with information about their distribution within the state, substrate affinities, and relevant data regarding taxonomy and chemical composition of selected species. New species records for Nebraska lichens and lichenicolous fungi since the 1995 Nebraska lichen catalog by Egan et al. are also included. Keys are provided for the Nebraska species of the lichen genera Candelariella, Physconia, Punctelia, and Xanthoria.

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