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The Prairie Naturalist· 42( 1/2): June 2010, pp 73-75


Numerous investigators have reported observations of ring-necked pheasant (RNP; Phasianus colchicus) eggs in nests of other gamebirds and waterfowl species (Errington and Hamerstrom 1938, Westemeier et al. 1998, Hagen et al. 2002, Krakauer and Kimball 2009). Previously recorded hosts include wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo; Schmutz 1988), northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus; Westemeier et al. 1989), greater prairie-chickens (Tyrnpanuchus cupido; Westemeier et al. 1998), and lesser prairie-chickens (T. pallidicinctus; Hagen et al. 2002). The reported occurrence of nest parasitism during these studies has generally been low with the highest reported occurrences found in gray partridge (Perdix perdix; Errington and Hamerstrom 1938) with 26% (7 of 26 nests) parasitized and in greater prairie-chickens with 29% (54 of 188 nests) parasitized (Westemeier et al. 1998).