Tractor Test and Power Museum, The Lester F. Larsen


Nebraska Tractor Tests

Date of this Version

January 1939


When you slip into the large and comfortably cushioned seat of a Farmall-H or a Farmall·M nd rest your hands on the large, automobile type steering wheel. right away you feel at home. As your left foot just naturally finds the clutch pedal and you put the tractor into gear you begin to get the feeling that here is a tractor that is as easy 10 drive as the family car. And as you give it the gas (gasoline. distillate or kerosene). and let in the clutch, you get the thrill which comes with the realization that here, under finger.tip control, is ready, eager power to romp through all your farm power jobs with salis· factoty thoroughness, speed and economy. When you hit rough ground you learn what it means todrive a tractor with irreversible worm steering gear. Yet. while none of the shocks occasioned by the front wheels encountering humps or bumps are passed back to your arms, you find the tractor instontly responsive to the lightest touch. Convenient to the right foot tl,re two differential brake pedals. For making short turns to right or lEft these pedals can be used separately. For equal brak iog of both rear wheels they can be instantly locked together 10 operate as one brake. The brakes and external expanding bands acting on forged sleel drums on the differential shafts. The large illustration at the riqht shows how conveniently the various controls are located. Note that the ball on the gear shift lever is right Under the steering wheel easy to reach and operate.