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Workshop 2: Jacquard: A Loom of Opportunity
Teacher: Julie Holyoke
Place: New Media Center Computer Lab, Architecture Hall,
University of Nebraska, City Campus
Workshop fee: $125, pre-registration required
One Teitelbaum Family Support award
Maximum students: 15

Workshop Description: This Jacquard design workshop for educators, artists, and designers will be a fun and stimulating day during which many weave and design ideas for figured textiles will be presented and the medium’s potential explored. Using Jacquard design software, participants will follow a series of exercises on how to create, modify, and evaluate weave structures and graphics for visual and textural effect. Samples illustrating a range of Jacquard textile types and graphic and weave solutions will be examined. Participants will learn how to construct custom weaves, how to use contrasts in scale, pattern, and weaves to create depth, rhythm, and visual interest. Criteria will be given for evaluating technical correctness of chosen weaves.

Teacher: Julie Holyoke is a textile designer for handloom and industrial production. She teaches CAD textile design at the Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio and other educational institutions in Florence, Italy and abroad.