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In Approaching Textiles, Varying Viewpoints: Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2000


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This paper presents a description of a textile based program for Native American youth and an investigation that resulted from a community-university collaborative effort. This paper can help inform practice, academic, and policy related professionals who are interested in developing, implementing, or evaluating youth programming and culturally-based programs. The purpose of the project was threefold: 1) to involve youth from the Indian Center, Inc. of Lincoln in the design and creation of an art project, which was installed at the Daywatch facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, 2) to examine how the cultural knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, and identity of youth from the Indian Center were influenced by their participation in this project, and 3) to identify strengths and weaknesses of the youth program that would be used to inform future decisions about programming. This paper will focus on the first objective while providing a summary of the investigation.