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Published in Sacred and Ceremonial Textiles: Proceedings of the Fifth Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, Chicago, Illinois, 1996. (Minneapolis, 1997).


Copyright 1996 by the author.




Panel: Sacred Textile Banners of Japan

Sacred Textile Banners of Japan Monica Bethe

Braids on Early Japanese Banners Masako Kinoshita

From Secular Garment to Sacred Object: Kosode Refashioned into Buddhist Altar Cloths and Banners Nobuhiko Maruyama

Offertory Banners from Rural Japan: Echigo-Chijimi Weaving and Worship Sharon Sadako Takeda

Session 1

The Tenjukoku Shucho and the Asuka Period Funerary Practices Maria del Rosario Pradel

The Reproduction and Ceremonial Offering of Sacred Textiles and Apparel in Ise Jingu's Shikinen Sengu (abstract only) Rosemarie Bernard

Panel: The Sacred Drapo of Haitian Vodou: Antecedent, Tradition and Metamorphoses

Haitian Drapo Vodou: Imagery, Ritual and Perception Susan Elizabeth Tselos

Some Breton and Muslim Antecedents of Voudou Drapo LeGrace Benson

For the Flower of Ginen: The Artistry of Clotaire Bazile, a Haitian Vodou Flagmaker Anna Wexler

Session 2

Laundry: Ritual as Habitual Use Margo Mensing

Ceremonial Textiles of the Mardi Gras Indians Ann M DuPont

Video: Between Light and Shadow (abstract) Kathryn Lypke Vigesaa

Session 3

The Ampato Textile Offerings William J Conklin

The Great Cloth Burial at Cahuachi, Nasca Valley, Peru Elena Phipps

Syncretic Cloth, Virgins and Colonization in the Peruvian Andes Karen Michelsen

Textiles of Sacrifice: Aztec Ritual Capes Patricia Rieff Anawalt

Session 4

Manifest Insignificance - The Consecrated Veil of Medieval Religious Women Desiree Koslin

Traditional Textiles in Transylvanian and Danubian Mourning Rituals Joyce Corbett

Beauty Enhances Ritual Jennifer Wearden

Panel: Ritual Cloth as Emblem of Socio-Religious Values in Indonesia

Panel Introduction Rens Heringa

Heirloom and Hierarchy - The Sacred Lawo Butu Cloth of the Lio of Central Flores Willemijn de Jong

Heirloom and Male Ancestors - The Flowered Kain Kembangan of Kerek, East Java Rens Heringa

Heirloom Cloth and Social Organization - The Ceremonial Kain Sandang Gobo of the Minangkabau, West Sumatra Linda Hanssen

Session 5

Maori Weaving: The Intertwining of Spirit, Action and Metaphor Suzanne Mac Aulay and Kura Te Waru-Rewiri

Video: Entrance Gates Commission - Maui Arts and Cultural Center (introduction to the video) Pat Hickman

Video: The Traditional Method of Masi Making on the Island of Taveuni, Fiji (abstract) Daniel Roy Hildenbrandt

Video: Threads of Time - Handmade Textiles for Weddings in Fez, Morocco (introduction to the video) Louise W Mackie

Panel: Sacred and Ceremonial Textiles and the Constitution of Value in Africa

The Meaning of Yo rub a Aso Olona Is Far from Water Tight Lisa Aronson

Mourning and Memory: Factory-Printed Textiles and the Baule of Cote D'Ivoire Kathleen E. Bickford

White Robes for Worship: The Umnazaretha of the Nazareth Baptist Church in South Africa Karen H Brown

Divine Worth: Weaving and the Ancestors in Highland Madagascar Rebecca L. Green

Session 6

Cloth and the Corpse in Ebira John Picton

Sacred Textiles from an Ancient Nubian Temple Nettie K. Adams

Video: Contemporary Fashions of Traditional Textiles and Clothing in the Gambia (abstract) June Pearson Bland

Sessions 7 and 8

Four Eighteenth-Century Monumental Ethiopian Tablet-Woven Silk Curtains Michael Gervers

Naming and Meaning: Ritual Textiles of the Iban of Sarawak Traude Gavin

(Re)Situating Ceremonial Textiles in Ifugao, Upland Philippines B. Lynne Milgram

Appendix: Textile Society of America's 1996 Governing Board