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Published in Textile Society of America 2014 Biennial Symposium Proceedings: New Directions: Examining the Past, Creating the Future, Los Angeles, California, September 10–14, 2014,


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This presentation will discuss the origin and development of a digital archive documenting the Art Wear movement in the Bay Area during the 80s and 90s. The co-producers, Jean Cacicedo and Ana Lisa Hedstrom, members of the Board of Directors of The Textile Art Council of the De Young Museum Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco will share visuals from the archive and address the issues in constructing this project.

It was decided that parameters were necessary, and the archive focuses on the designers for OBIKO, a boutique/ gallery founded in the 70’s by Sandra Sakata.

She was a creative force in this movement and became an icon in her own right as a brilliant stylist and muse. The years between the 70’s and 90’s saw a remarkable artisanal production of unique and hand crafted clothing. These designers drew from ethnic costume, and traditional craft processes such as Shibori, katazome, patchwork, and hand knitting, In many ways these artisans were an early force in post modern design.

The archive takes advantage of digital technology in many ways: the oral recording of interviews with 4 designers, the transfer from VHS to DVDS of 4 fashion shows, a gallery of 26 designers, with images, bios and memories, and written statements with leaders in the field of fashion and design

The support of the Textile Art Council and the Jill D’Alessandro, textile curator of the DeYoung, was essential to the process. We will share the basic budget and funding of the archive.

We will also discuss the decisions in structuring the information, and share the challenges we experienced.

Archives in the future will be digital and available through the cloud or by streaming. We hope this presentation will be informative…not only for the subject matter, but as a guide and inspiration for other digital archive projects.