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Spring 2004


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TSA Symposium, Oakland, CA Oct. 7-9, 2004, by Inez Brooks-Myers
President's Letter
New TSA Board Slate
TSA Study Tour of Ghana, Jan 7-20, 2005 (Dr. Lisa Aronson)
TSA Study Tour to Turkey (Walter Denny)
News: Mona Berman, Deborah Corsini, Virginia Davis, Genevieve Duggan, Judy Frater, Judith Poxon Fawles, Jane Hoffman, Suzanne MacAulay, Deborah McClintock, Elin Noble, Teresa Paschke, Fran Reed, Bela Shanghvi, Ruth Scheuing, Karen Searle, Myra Serrins, Barbara Shapiro, Carol Westfall, Patricia Williams, John Barker, Francis Concato, Sophie Desrosiers, Elana Dickson, Elizabeth Wincott Heckett, Edward M. Franquemont
Textile Conservation in the Kingdom of Bhutan -- Julia M. Brennan
Exhibition review: Enchanting Modern: Ilonka Karasz, 1896-1981 (Madelyn Shaw)
W. S. Webb Museum of Anthropology (University of Kentucky) collections to British Museum Vicky L. Kruckeberg new ATHM Textile Conservation Director
Textile Museum's Online Catalog
Conferences: Hol, the Art of Cambodian Textile; Fashioning the Modern Senses
Exhibitions & Lectures
Book Reviews: Weavers of the Southern Highlands by Philis Alvic; The Complete Guide to Collecting Hooked Rugs by Jessie A. Turbayne