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Spring 2020

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Albin,Connor and Pfeifer,Chase."“GoBabyGo!” – Rehab Engineering to Make Children Mobile."Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) program. 13 April. 2020. Poster presentation.


Poster presentation for Spring of 2020 UCARE Presentations.


GoBabyGo! is a project to give children with movement difficulties a chance to move on their own. GoBabyGo! conducts community builds of modified ride-on-cars for these children and grants them mobility. Once issue is that once children have cars, there is no feedback to improve future builds. This project "“GoBabyGo!” – Rehab Engineering to Make Children Mobile," wishes to collect quantifiable data on how these cars are being used and how they can be improved. This project aims to do this by collecting surveys from caretakers and through a programmed module to be installed in cars. The installed car module collects specific data about distance and time the child controls the vehicle. Through these collection methods, data can be analyzed to make future suggestions and improvements to new cars.