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Spring 2020

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Presentation, UCARE Research Symposium, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 2020.


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Mechanobiology Cells response to mechanical loading Mechanical loading includes Shear flow, Stretching, Compression

How does shear flow effect breast cancer cell migration in a three dimensional space?

By going through the engineering cycle, I was able to successfully convert the Parallel Flow Chamber into a Three Dimensional Flow Chamber. At this point, I have no results due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Future Research Understanding how breast cancer migrates is essential to preventing the spread of cancer. While other chemical means have been investigated, mechanotransduction is relatively unexplored. Next step: Mechanobiology of breast cancer cells moving through a maze Cells have to move around extracellular matrices and other obstructions to travel through the body. My research will study how flow affects their movement.