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Spring 4-14-2020

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Poster presentation, UCARE Research Fair, Spring 2020, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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Soybean gall midge (SGM) Resseliellamaxima Gagnéis a newly identified insect pest of soybean (Gagnéet al 2019). As of August, 2019 a total of 92 counties across five midwestern states (Fig. 1) documented as infested. Heavily injured soybean fields show visible signs of dead or dying plants (Fig. 2a), causing significant economic losses for farmers.

Heavily injured soybean plants often die prematurely with several different larval stages (Fig. 2b) still feeding within the plant. Significant concern have been raised about the role of these larvae in infesting adjacent healthy plants.

To better understand the behavior and potential for larval infestation a study was designed to determine the ability of different larval instars to move on different surfaces, and their behavior in the soil. An additional study was conducted to determine the larval ability to infest soybean plant

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