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Jahnke L, Hoagstrom K, Weaver E. 2020. Creation of an Influenza B Epigraph Vaccine. Poster presentation, UNL Spring Resaerch Fair, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lincoln, Nebraska.


Copyright 2020 by the authors


The CDC struggles to predict the upcoming influenza viruses resulting in an ineffective influenza vaccine. The 2019 – 2020 influenza vaccine provides an example of vaccine mismatch where the vaccine poorly matches the circulating influenza strains. We have created Influenza B Epigraph hemagglutinin (HA) immunogens that are computationally designed to select the greatest coverage of B and T cell epitopes in the natural population. Our preliminary data shows Epigraph immunogens induce superior cross-reactive antibody responses, overall T cell immunity, breadth of T cell epitopes, and protection against influenza virus. The primary goal of this study is to clone the influenza B Epigraph HA immunogens into DNA and Adenoviral mammalian expression systems. We will characterize these novel HA immunogens for the prevention of influenza B virus infections. Ultimately, we seek to develop novel universal influenza vaccines that provide a foundation of immunity which protects against all past, present, and future influenza viruses.

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