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Spring 4-2020

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Ameku, KA, Berggren, CC, Pedrigi, RM, 2020. Perturbed stress field of the human lens capsule after cataract surgery. Poster presentation, UNL Spring Research Fair, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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Current modeling of the human lens capsule has been focused on the mechanism of accommodation and its decline with age, but few studies have modeled the effects of cataract surgery and quantified the altered mechanical environment introduced by the procedure. The goal of this study is to develop the first fully 3-D finite element model of the post-surgical human lens capsule with an implanted device in order to characterize lens capsule mechanics after cataract surgery. The model demonstrates a highly perturbed stress field compared to the native state, which we hypothesize is the primary driving force behind the long-term errant cell behavior that causes secondary cataracts. Such predict capabilities may lend insight on future intraocular lens designs, potentially ones that can restore youthful accommodation.