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Spring 4-2020

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Presentation, UCARE Research Fair, Spring 2020, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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Holding Up the Sky is the culmination of dedication and research to create a series of eleven vignettes detailing the narratives of immigrants through a work of fiction. The goal of this project is to bring to light the people who may not always be visible— those who have left their homes to travel somewhere strange, whether in search of better opportunities, lost loved ones, or a renewed hope in humanity. These immigrants, though unknown to many, deserve to be seen and to have their stories told so we can better understand the world around us. Through fictional vignettes strongly reliant upon research, I hope to give justice to their voices. Even though time passes, the immigrant’s story remains the same: a difficult journey with the hope that an improved situation will arise. Immigrants every day choose to toil in an expedition in search of a better state stat. These people, though from different backgrounds across the globe, all want the same thing: a new home, new opportunities, new life—with stories that deserve to be told as part of the history of the human race and our world. Immigration has always played a vital role in American history. My research and project will draw eyes to these groups from around the world living within the United States and showcase their cultures, traditions, beliefs, and folklore as they attempt to hold onto their past and build a home in a new and strange land.

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