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Several years ago the writer undertook a study of the "June-bug" family (Scarabaeidae) for the state of Nebraska. The object of the study was two fold: First to determine the number and status of our species in this large and economically important family, and second to present a taxonomic review which would enable the beginning student, or interested amateur, to readily name with reasonable certainty any species which he might encounter in the state.

In the following pages 40 genera and 162 species are tabulated, and notes given on the abundance, seasonal and geographical distribution of the species within the state. Fourteen species are included without definite records of capture, because of their known distribution being such as to practically insure their ultimate discovery in Nebraska. The list is thought to be fairly representative; however, continued collecting will undoubtedly bring to light a considerable number of additional species. In order to more readily enable the student to recognize and determine these additional species the more important and useful papers have been listed under each genus. The collection of the Department of Entomology contains a wealth of material in this family from other states, in fact about 280 species most of which are unlike those in the Nebraska fauna. The determination of this supplementary material has considerably increased the labor involved in presenting the present paper, but the writer judges the time well spent because of the light thrown upon the Nebraska fauna in consequence of the study of these related forms. Seven undescribed species have come to light from Nebraska during the progress of this work. Four of these have already been published by the writer in his studies on the genus. Serica; two are now in press in a short revision of the genus Bolbocerosoma by the writer and Mr. McColloch, and one in the genus Lygerodes has been assigned to Mr. Casey for description.

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