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January 1914


Published in UNIVERSITY STUDIES, vol. XIV, no. 1 (January 1914), pp. 37-109. Published by the University of Nebraska.


In the time that has elapsed since the publication of my "Synopsis of Plant Phyla" (University Studies, Vol. VII, NO. 4) it has been possible to make many changes in the arrangement of the orders and families of several of the phyla. On account of their considerable number it is desirable to present these changes in one paper so as to accomplish the revision of the original paper with as little confusion as possible.

The Plant World is here regarded as readily separable into fourteen Phyla (often called "Branches" or "Divisions"). These are subdivided into Classes, and these again into Orders, and the latter into Families. The latest enumeration of the species of plants shows that we now know approximately a quarter of a million recognizable forms.

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