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Diversity is a buzz-word in our society, and within an academic institution, it plays the role as a tacit of what an institution is able to offer its students to better themselves and contribute to more knowledgeable citizens. While many programs and institutions promise diversity, some of these entities lack the requisite of diversity through their broad, loose definition. In this study, the Simpson’s Diversity Index (SDI) is introduced as a possible quantitative method for eradicating the loose definition of diversity. With that, 103 institutions were randomly sampled from a list of 1500 institutions to create a normal distribution curve. With this, one standard deviation to the right and left of the 50th percentile was used to define diversity. This paper concludes that an SDI between 0-0.416215 indicates low diversity, 0.416216 to 0.569147 indicates low-average diversity, 0.569148 to 0.722079 indicates high-average diversity, and 0.722080 to 1 indicates high diversity.