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This circular gives guidance to the Army pending revision of relevant field manuals. The circular lists four purposes for the evaluation of captured enemy equipment:
a. Prompt development of effective counterweapons and countertactics.
b. Prompt exploitation of new ideas for our own benefit.
c. Early deductions as to the state of enemy resources for war.
d. Speed in providing literature and other aids to assist in the training of United Nations troops in the use and maintenance of enemy equipment when captured in sufficient quantity.

The circular tells forces in the field and in the continental United States what do with captured equipment. The chiefs of the army technical services, such as the Chief of Engineers and the Surgeon General, were given responsibilities for:
a. Expert analysis as to the characteristics of the materiel.
b. Final deductions as to the state of enemy resources for war is evidenced by a thorough laboratory analysis of the materiel.
c. Preparation of a final type of operator’s Technical Manual, similar in form and content to our own. The number will be the same as the that of the nearest like item of American issue with the letter “E” proceeding the number. Full instructions will be included respecting suitable fuels, lubricants, ammunition, tools, accessories, spare parts, etc.
d. Preparation of a final maintenance Technical Manual, with numbering and contents similar to those described in c above.
e. Preparation fo such visual training aids as may be desirable.
f. Submission to the Training Division, Service of Supply, through the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, War Department, of manuscripts and of outlines for visual training aids.

Point C above resulted in the publication of “enemy” manuals like Technical Manual, TM E9-803, 1944, for the German Volkswagen. TM 9-803 was the manual for the famous jeep. Similarly, TM E9-369A, 1943, is the technical manual for the German 88-mm Antiaircraft Gun materiel.

According to Field Manual, FM 21-6, List and Index of War Department Publications, 10 May 1945, Para II of Training Circular, 6 November 1942, was still in force.