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Published in Hydraulic Engineering: Saving a Threatened Resource—In Search of Solutions: Proceedings of the Hydraulic Engineering sessions at Water Forum ’92. Baltimore, Maryland, August 2–6, 1992. Published by American Society of Civil Engineers.


Verification to field data provides a means to assess a model's ability to reproduce behavior of the natural system being modeled. Often neither time nor funds are available to collect extensive sets of field data, and alternate techniques are required. This study used the results of a laterally averaged model to provide limited verification for a two-dimensional depthaveraged hydrodynamic and sediment model.

This numerical model investigation used the US Army Corps of Engineers TABS-MD numerical modeling system for open channel flow and sedimentation. Boundary conditions and a verification data set were obtained from the laterally averaged numerical model FIne-Grained Bed Sediment (FIBS).

The numerical model mesh used in this study is a comprehensive mesh of the Charleston Harbor system. Verification was very carefully conducted, and a sensitivity analysis was also performed on model parameters. This paper presents the results of this unique verification process.