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Published in Hydraulic Engineering: Saving a Threatened Resource—In Search of Solutions: Proceedings of the Hydraulic Engineering sessions at Water Forum ’92. Baltimore, Maryland, August 2–6, 1992. Published by American Society of Civil Engineers.


Technologies that have been identified as feasible for remediating contaminated sediment and are peing considered for demonstration in the Great Lakes are presented in this paper. This review is limited to the components and technologies required for removal and management of highly contaminated sediment. Over two hundred technology process options were reviewed for effectiveness, implementability and costs. However, few of these processes have actually been applied to contaminated sediment on a full scale. Most of the technology evaluations have been conducted at the bench scale with limited data available for pilot scale assessment. Therefore, further testing and evaluation of the most promising technologies is being conducted as part of larger studies of sediment remediation like the Assessment and Remediation of contaminated Sediments (ARCS) studies in the Great Lakes (Horvatin 1989).