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To Catch a Tank: “Big Game” Hunting Made Easy, U.S. Army, Training Circular, TC 23-3, 30 June 1972

Note on Scholarly Usage

Since the document numbers and titles of Army publications are often reused, the date is necessary to unambiguously identify such publications. The citation for this publication is:

TC 23-3, To Catch a Tank, 30 June 1972

A minimal citation is: TC23-3, 1972


This is a 36 page US Army circular in comic-book format intended to teach soldiers to attack and destroy tanks. It is illustrated with drawings of tanks and a cave-man who makes comments in cartoon bubbles. It was written by the Antiarmor Board of the US Army Infantry School and published by the US Army Combat Arms Training Board, Fort Benning, GA.

[Document provided courtesy Richard Graham, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries.]