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The minimum unambiguous citation for this text is ST 12-160, 1964


The copy of this text that was digitized was loaned to the University of Nebraska-Library by the Yeshiva University Pollack Library.

The document digitized was a revision of the 1957 edition.

Air Force Manual 11-3, Guide for Air Force Writing, 1953, mentioned in the acknowledgement is available online in the Hahti Trust at:


The “Watch List” in an appendix was taken from the General Service Administration manual, Plain Letters, (1955) by Mona Sheppard is available online in the Hathi Trust at:


Since the Army reuses document numbers and titles, it is necessary to include the date to unambiguously identify a given document.


This a useful manual for writing of all types. The guide to research in an appendix is sensible. The “watchlist” is a good guide to avoiding Pentagonese. The author of this text had a sense of humor.

One unusual feature of the text is that the manual contains instructions for writing a staff study and a sample of a model staff study.