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  • This digital document was provided by the US Army Heritage and Educational Center in Carlisle, PA.
  • Page 1 which apparently described the purpose and parts of a general staff is missing.
  • The title page provides the notice that, “This publication has not been officially approved by the War Department. It has been prepared and is issued for instructional purposes only.“
  • The last page provides information about other publications available from the Book Service of the Adjutant General’s School.
  • This pamphlet was published by the Adjutant General’s School, Fort Washington, MD. A printer’s note indicates that it was printed at Ft Belvoir, VA.


This is a pamphlet providing supplementary information to be used at the Adjutant General’s School. It explains the role of a commander’s principal assistants and the responsibilities of the adjutant in the command system used by the US Army. An adjutant is a member of the special staff and is responsible for records and administration.