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Precision Agric (2012) 13:1 DOI 10.1007/s11119-011-9255-0


A group of five papers has been assembled from presentations at the 10th International Conference on Precision Agriculture (ICPA) held in Denver, Colorado, USA in July 2010. These papers represent an array of studies that were applied to maize, sugar beets, sugar cane, wheat, and grain sorghum. In terms of field applications, the studies covered (1) using aircraft imagery to make adaptive nitrogen (N) management decisions during the growing season; (2) remote sensing for disease detection; (3) biomass production and N management using active crop sensors; (4) implications of spatial variability and past management on crop response, even within relatively small fields; and (5) using remote sensing to estimate crop yields. Technologies employed in these projects included soil testing for nutrient status and several aspects of remote sensing including imagery, spectroscopy, and active crop canopy sensors to better understand and manage spatial and temporal variability. Geographically, the papers emanate from many parts of the globe, including Brazil, China, Germany, and the United States. Sincere appreciation is extended to the authors for their efforts in hopes that readers of Precision Agriculture will find these publications interesting and that each makes a meaningful contribution to science.