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Annu. Rev. Entomol. 2004. 49:219–42 doi: 10.1146/annurev.ento.49.061802.123149


The predator and parasitoid fauna associated with cereal aphids is described, emphasizing the fauna associated with classical biological control efforts against the greenbug and Russian wheat aphid. We focus on literature from North America and include work from Europe and elsewhere when it is desirable to draw contrasts between approaches that affect cereal aphid biological control. Effects on natural enemies of cereal aphids are described that appear associated with plant traits that are innate, bred, or induced by aphid feeding. Examples of habitat manipulations, within and bordering cereal fields and within the broader landscape in which cereal production resides, affecting predators and parasitoids of cereal aphids are presented. These mediating effects of host plant and habitat manipulations on cereal aphid biological control provide significant and under-explored avenues to optimize cereal aphid management.