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Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, 24(4):601–603, 2008


In an attempt to find diurnal resting sites of adult phlebotomine sand flies, potential phlebotomine adult habitats were aspirated in the village of Bahrif in Aswan, Egypt. During this survey, sand flies were aspirated from low (30–45 cm high) irregular piles of mud bricks found under high date palm canopies between the village and the Nile River. There were 5 ♂♂and 7 ♀♀ of Phlebotomus papatasi and 3♂♂ of Sergentomyia schwetzi. Six of the 7 aspirated females were engorged with blood. A total of 78 sand flies was captured on 3 glue boards placed overnight on the ground next to the mud bricks. Attempts to aspirate sand flies from adjacent walls and plants were unsuccessful. The identification of diurnal resting sites in less structured habitats may ultimately lead to more effective adult sand fly control.