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Published in Journal of Parasitology, Vol. 50, No. 1, February 1964, p. 30-35.


North American Trichodina from Carassius auratus, Lepomis cyanellus, L. macrochirus, Micropterus salmoides, and Rhinichthys atratulus have been studied by the silver-impregnation method and compared with European species. T. reticulata Hirschmann and Partsch, 1955, and T. (Foliella) subtilis Lorn, 1959, originally described from European goldfish, are herein recorded from North America also. T. fultoni Davis, 1947, from Lepomis cyanellus, Micropterus salmoides, and Rhinichthys atratulus is redescribed, and T. domerguei f. magna Lorn, 1961, described from European tench and gudgeon, is considered a synonym. A Trichodina sp. from the gills of Lepomis macrochirus is described; it is almost identical with T. nigra Lom, 1961 from European Rutilus, T. discoidea from centrarchids, and T. tumefaciens from Cottus of North America. Other North American trichodinids are reviewed briefly.