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Published in PRAIRIE INVADERS: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 20TH NORTH AMERICAN PRAIRIE CONFERENCE, UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT KEARNEY, July 23–26, 2006, edited by Joseph T. Springer and Elaine C. Springer. Kearney, Nebraska : University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2006. Pages 19-24.


Wild pigs have expanded their range markedly during the last 30 years. In Kansas feral pigs from domestic stock were first reported in 1994 on Fort Riley Army Base. During 2005, 2006, and 2007 the occurrence of reproducing wild pigs was confirmed on 18 sites throughout Kansas and 4 sites in Nebraska. One Nebraska population is in a county neighboring Kansas. Estimated numbers of pigs ranged from 8-10 individuals at each of 2 sites in Kansas to more than 30 on each of 3 other sites. The wild pig population in Kansas appears to be changing from 1 predominantly of domestic stock to 1 of Eurasian wild boar descent and hybrids of the 2. Ninety-one percent of wild pigs examined from Kansas between 1993-1997 were classified as coming from domestic stock. However, only 34% of wild pigs examined in 2003-2006 were classified as being from domestic stock. Sixty-six percent were classified as wild boar or hybrids. On 1 site in Nebraska, 1 sow and a litter of 6 piglets were classified as hybrids with wild boar; wild pigs killed on 3 additional sites appeared to be from domestic stock.