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Federal Bureau of Investigation (1935)


Federal Bureau of Investigation December 11, 1935

Dear sir,

Reference is made to letter to the Bureau from the New York Office dated December 9, 1935, copy of which was furnished to the Jacksonville office, and to which was attached photostatic copies of two letters and envelopes, the originals of which accompanied letters to the New York Office dated December 5, 1935.

Relative to this matter I desire to advise the Bureau and the New York Office as follows:

Sunday, December, 8, 1935, about 1:00 p.m. I received a telephone call at the Jacksonville Office from a person who refused to give his name or address. He stated that he wished to confer with the writer concerning a matter that might possibly be of interest to the Government. He was advised that the writer would be in his office during the entire day of Sunday and would be glad to confer with him. He replied, stating that it would be impossible for him to call at the Jacksonville Office on Sunday, but that he would call some day during the week.

About thirty minutes prior to the receipt of the copy of the New York Bureau Office letter to the Bureau a boy about 15 years of age, entered our office and was approached by the Chief Clerk. He stated that he has previously telephones for an appointment and that he wanted to confer with the man in charge of the office, concerning information that he had that might be of interest to the government.