U.S. Department of Justice



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Freedom of Information/Privacy Division, (1953)


To: Mr. Tolson

From: L.B. Nichols

Subject: Lucille Ball

X called to inquire if we could give him any guidance on Lucille Ball, the television actress. I asked him what his angle was. He then stated X had a notation earlier this week about a prominent television actress being turned up as a Communist; that their Los Angeles managed had checked the registration records (I assume voting registration records) and found Lucille Ball was listed as a Communist in 1936 and 1938. The handwriting was identical and they have checked the address back to the address of the Lucille Ball who is the actress.

I told X that I had heard a rumble; that the House Committee was holding some hearing and that he might want to check with them as they may have turned up something like this. He stated that this probably was the explanation; they would check further.

c.c.- Mr. Ladd

Mr. Belmont