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Federal Bureau of Investigation Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (1965)


Bureau and Los Angeles Office files contain no derogatory security-type information concerning Rock Hudson. Los Angeles has advised that it is general common knowledge in the motion picture industry that Rock Hudson is suspected of having homosexual tenancies.

In view that Rock Hudson has homosexual tendencies, interview will be conducted by two mature experienced Special Agents.


Attached, if you agree, is the letter authorizing Los Angeles Office to interviewRock Hudson as outlined above.

Rock Hudson has not been the subject of an FBI investigation. During 1965, however, a confidential information reported that several years ago while he was in New York he had an "affair" with movie star Rock Hudson. The informant stated from personal knowledge that he knew Rock Hudson was a homosexual. The belief was expressed that by "personal knowledge" the informant meant he had personally indulged in homosexual acts with Rock Hudson or had witnessed or received the information from individuals who had done so.

On another occasion, information was received by the Los Angeles Office of the FBI that it was common knowledge in the motion picture industry that Rock Hudson was suspected of having homosexual tendencies.