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Solid-State Electronics 136 (2017), pp. 12–17.


Studies of diamond material for thermal management are reported for a nominally 1-mm thick layer grown on silicon. Thickness of the diamond is measured using spectroscopic ellipsometry. Spectra are consistently modeled using a diamond layer taking into account surface roughness and requiring an interlayer of nominally silicon carbide. The presence of the interlayer is confirmed by transmission electron microscopy. Thermal conductivity is determined based on a heater which is microfabricated followed by back etching to produce a supported diamond membrane. Micro-Raman mapping of the diamond phonon is used to estimate temperature rise under known drive conditions of the resistive heater. Consistent values are obtained for thermal conductivity based on straightforward analytical calculation using phonon shift to estimate temperature and finite element simulations which take both temperature rise and thermal stress into account.