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Drug and Alcohol Dependence 116 (2011) 45–51; doi:10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2010.11.022


Background: The role of cognitive appraisal of the threat of alcohol relapse has received little attention. A previous instrument, the Relapse Situation Appraisal Questionnaire (RSAQ), was developed to assess cocaine users’ primary appraisal of the threat of situations posing a high risk for cocaine relapse. The purpose of the present study was to modify the RSAQ in order to measure primary appraisal in situations involving a high risk for alcohol relapse.

Methods: The development and psychometric properties of this instrument, the Alcohol Relapse Situation Appraisal Questionnaire (A-RSAQ), were examined with two samples of abstinent adults with alcohol abuse or dependence. Factor structure and validity were examined in Study 1 (N= 104). Confirmation of the factor structure and predictive validity was assessed in Study 2 (N= 159).

Results: Results demonstrated construct, discriminant and predictive validity and reliability of the ARSAQ.

Discussion: Results support the important role of primary appraisal of degree of risk in alcohol relapse situations.