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Vaccines 2020, 8, 533; doi:10.3390/vaccines8030533


2020 by the authors.


Luciferase-immunoprecipitation system (LIPS), a liquid phase immunoassay, was used to evaluate antibody responses directed against the structural proteins of PRRSV in pigs that were experimentally infected with virulent PRRSV strains. First, the viral N protein was used as a model antigen to validate the assay. The LIPS results were highly comparable to that of the commercial IDEXX PRRS X3 ELISA. Subsequently, the assay was applied to simultaneously measure antibody reactivity against all eight structural proteins of PRRSV. The highest immunoreactivities were detected against GP3, M, and N proteins while the lowest reactivity was detected against ORF5a protein. Comparative analysis of the kinetics of antibody appearance revealed that antibodies specific to N protein appeared earlier than antibodies against GP3. Finally, the assay was applied to measure immunoreactivities of clinical serum samples against N and GP3. The diagnostic sensitivity of the LIPS with N protein was superior to that of the LIPS with GP3. Collectively, the results provide additional information about the host antibody response to PRRSV infection.