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February 1979


Published in Proceedings of the Third Eastern Pine and Meadow Vole Symposium, New Paltz, N.Y., February 14 – 15, 1979, Ross E. Byers, editor. Copyright © 1979 Young.


An experiment was established to evaluate the following methods of toxicant application: 1. A 25 ft. band broadcast ground application with Lely Spreader. 2. A 25 ft. band broadcast aircraft application with Grumman Ag-Cat. 3. Hand placement in runways. 4. Hand placement in plastic tube bait stations (' Mouse-ateria'). The following toxicants and application rates were desired: 1. Brodifacoum (Volak) applied at 10.0 lb./A. 2. Diphacinone (Ramik-Brown) applied at 10.0 lb. and 20.0 lb./A broadcast and 10.0 lb./A hand placement with one repeat application.