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February 1978


Published in Proceedings of the Second Eastern Pine and Meadow Vole Symposium, Beltsville, Maryland, February 23-24, 1978, Ross E. Byers, editor. Copyright © 1978 Byers.


Hand placed baits of Rozol (Chlorophacinone, CPN), Ramik-Brown (Diphacinone, DPN), and Talon (Brodifacoum, BFC) gave excellent control of pine voles in 1977. Vacor (RH 787) did not give adequate control when a meal preparation was hand placed at 10 lbs/A.

Talon and Rozol broadcast at 25 and 22 lbs/A, respectively, gave 100% and 967. control of pine voles. Five lbs/A of hand placed Talon gave equivalent control. A second broadcast experiment of LM 637, Rozol and Talon at 15 lbs/A each was followed by rain the next day but gave 21%, 66%, and 93% control, respectively.

Ground cover spray of BFC at 5.1 g/ha (or 7.5 g/treated ha) was insufficient for good control and higher rates would be required. A deodorized kerosene formulation of CPN plus a sticker was compared to the Xylene-formulation presently used by the industry for ground cover sprays. Relatively poor control was obtained with both formulations.