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March 1986


Vast areas of land will require reclamation and reforestation following oil sands development in northeastern Alberta. Greenhouse-grown tree and shrub seedlings used in reforestation may be clipped or girdled by meadow voles, especially during periods of high population density. The impact of partial girdling, the most common form of damage, varies among species. Reduced survival rates in seedlings girdled over as little as 50% of their circumference and reduced growth rates in seedlings girdled over as little as 25% of their circumference, have been noted. Plastic mesh cylinders (tradename Vexar) have proven effective in preventing seedling damage and durable in the climatic extremes occurring in northern Alberta. Growth and survival rates of all species of protected seedlings have been at least equal to unprotected seedlings and substantially greater in some. The purchase and installation cost of Vexar cylinders is approximately 25% of the cost of growing and planting a seedling.