Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

February 1994


Horticulturists and the general public in New Zealand are experiencing increasing problems with a number of introduced bird species. This has meant that many people wish to carry out bird control operations themselves to reduce the problems these birds cause. Most of this control will have to be carried out by the growers themselves as there are very few professional bird control personnel in New Zealand. Alpha-chloralose is the only toxin the general public has access to for controlling birds. It is available in a variety of bait forms with a maximum toxic loading of 2% (weight/weight). Registered personnel can use alpha-chloralose and DRC 1339 (Starlicide) to control birds, although at this stage DRC 1339 is only available for rook control. A wide variety of unusual baits have been used to control rooks with this poison.