Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1967


Frankly, I often wonder what our role is in vertebrate pest control. It seems to me that we in A.E.S, are frequently treading in the "twilight zone" of pest control. This is because of the wide diversity of problems which arise within an area such as I represent. I feel it is most significant that our county was invited to cover the role of A.E.S. in vertebrate pest control and discuss the tremendous variations and considerations necessary to serve an urban/semi-urban to rural county. Those of you familiar with San Mateo County readily recognize the potential problems due to population growth, topography, climate and vegetative distribution. I feel the best way to adequately cover this subject is to break our role into three categories with which you are all familiar. These are: research, education, and liaison. I shall cover each of these phases as they relate to typical situations which frequently involve our assistance and services.