Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1972


Justification for efficacy testing is provided under the present FIFRA, and the PR notice 70-15 requirements. In addition, the Pure Food and Drug Laws, the Delaney Amend-ment and other laws effect the requirements of registration of all economic poisons. Basic preliminary registration information such as toxicological data, chemistry data, must be provided on all chemicals proposed as economic poisons. Once the basic chemical and toxi-cological properties have been determined, the applicant must consider basic efficacy requirements. Efficacy requirements should consider the effects of particle size and shape, taste and odor, impurities, diluents, stickers and solvents, volatility, mode of action, and other factors such as age, sex, species, characteristics and ambient temperatures. Specific studies, however, will vary with the intended use of the product and the target species involved. Field testing is required for all proposed products under actual field situations. These tests logically follow appropriate laboratory tests. The risk-benefit ratio is defined as a ratio of hazards to nontarget organisms as compared to the benefits resulting from the products use. At present, this ratio has not been made a part of the registration procedure, but has been used in adverse action.