Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1980


The general public in the state of Georgia is faced with at least 45 kinds of vertebrate animal damage control problems. Their questions asking for problem solutions are often directed to Georgia Cooperative Extension Service agents in 156 counties. County agents in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area receive an average of 325 requests for vertebrate pest control information a year. Agents in the Coastal Plain Area receive an average of 140 questions per year as does the Extension Wildlife Specialist. The combined total of vertebrate animal damage control questions received by all agents is approximately 60,000 per year. Typically difficult questions are referred to the wildlife specialist while common questions are handled by local agents. The most frequent requests concern problems in homes, other structures, and yards. Requests concerning agricultural losses in gardens and on farms ranked next. Requests to solve predator damage problems ranked last. Extension information is very effective when applied to problems with simple solutions. Vertebrate pest problems with complex solutions usually need the direct involvement of a specialist to be effectively solved.