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Published by Nebraska Water Resources Research Institute, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


1972 Annual Meeting of UCOWR
Summer Short Course Planned
Simulation of Water Resources Systems
Institute on Applications of Stochastic Methods in Civil Engineering
Institute on River Mechanics
Water Resources Systems - Short Course
International Symposium on Mathematical Modelling Techniques in Water Resources Systems
Seminar on Advances in Practical Hydrology
NWRA Resolutions
EPA to Be Advised By Experts on Sewage Plant Construction
GAO Questions EPA Insistence on Clean Waste Water
Study on Water Subsidies
EPA Bias for Sewage Hinders Farm Cleanup
Land Use Planning
Rural Development Act (HR 12931) Passed by House
Saline Water Bill Goes to House
1973 USGS Budget Focuses on Earth Science Data
Proposed Revisions to Guidelines on Environmental Impact Statements
Return of Wastes to the Land
Underground Water-Storage Test A Success
System for Rating Pollution-Eutrophication Potential of Lakes
Wastewater Recycling Program in California
OWRR Initiates Computer Retrieval Network
Hawaii Research Project in Water Recyling