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This map was produced by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For additional information and an interactive version of this map visit: http://water.unl.edu


A 36" x 24" poster including topographical and watershed map of the state of Nebraska and inset maps showing:
Density of Active Registered Irrigation Wells - January 2008
Groundwater-Level Changes - Predevelopment to Spring 2007
Generalized Nitrate Levels in Wells Sampled, 1974 - 2006
Mean Annual Precipitation, 1971 - 2000 and Generalized Gaining/Losing Streams
DNR Designated Hydrologically-Connected Fully and Overappropriated Basins, Subbasins and Reaches, July 2008
River Basins with Coldwater and Warmwater Stream Designations
Generalized Atrazine Levels in Wells Sampled, 1974 - 2006
Threatened and Endangered Waterbirds and Fish
High Plains Aquifer, Saturated Thickness, 1997
Estimated Water Use in Nebraska in 2005