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Insect Science, Plant Disease, & Weed Science, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 87(1) (1987).


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-Alfalfa Weed Control

-Miracle Products via Telephone

-1987 Herbicide Use Guide

-Crop Protection Clinic Proceedings

Alfalfa Weed Control

The mild winter to date has prompted development of winter annual weeds in alfalfa including downy brome, pennycress, and other mustards. Herbicides are effective in controlling these weeds, however, correct application timing is important. Many times the weed problem isn’t recognized until the alfalfa “greens up” in the spring -- then it is too late for most herbicides. Alfalfa "green up" will not be far off if mild weather prevails.

Miracle Products via Telephone

"Miracle Herbicides" are again being sold by long distance telephone from New York and other large eastern cities. The products generally consist of 96 to 98% petroleum distillates with small amounts of 2,4-D, bromacil, or similar herbicides. Claims often include performance as good as Roundup at half the cost. Free gifts are sometimes offered as bonuses. The long distance calls are usually made early in the morning.

1987 Herbicide Use Guide

Each year there is an updated version of our herbicide use guide. The conservation tillage section has been revised and the publication contains 40 pages. If you have not received the 1987 edition, obtain a copy from your Nebraska Cooperative Extension Office of Copies are also available by contacting Weed Science, 362 Plant Science Building, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 68583- 0910.

Crop Protection Clinic Proceedings

We have a limited number of the proceedings from our 1987 Crop Protection Clinics. Most of the clinic presentations, along with research data, are included in the 258 page publication. There is a $5.00 charge. Send your request and check to 362 Plant Science Building, University of Nebraska, Lincoln 68583-0910 or call (402) 472-1530.