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Insect Science, Plant Disease, & Weed Science, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 88(6) (April 29, 1988)


Copyright 1988 University of Nebraska


In This Issue:

  • New Herbicide Registrations
  • Leafy Spurge Control

New Herbicide Registrations


Command is now registered for use as a preemergence application in the following counties: Adams, Antelope, Boyd, Buffalo, Clay, Cedar, Dawson, Dixon, Franklin, Fillmore, Furnas, Hamilton, Harlan, Holt, Jefferson, Kearney, Knox, Nemaha, Pawnee, Phelps, Pierce, Red Willow, Richardson, Saline, Seward, Thayer, Thurston, Wayne, and York.

Leafy Spurge Control

Leafy spurge, an aggressive plant, continues to spread in Nebraska greatly reducing the carrying capacity of grazing land. The weed is more common across the northern portions of the state but can be found elsewhere. Leafy spurge is a perennial and reproduces from seed as well as from buds on its deep, extensive root system. It reduces forage production and cattle avoid grazing infested areas because it is an irritant and mildly poisonous.