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Insect Science, Plant Disease, & Weed Science, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 89(02) (March 21, 1989)


Copyright 1989 University of Nebraska


In This Issue:

  • Weed Control in winter Wheat
  • Weed Control in oats
  • New Herbicides and Registrations

Weed Control in Winter Wheat

Even if you're unsure as to how the winter wheat crop will survive the winter, you can definitely count on weeds being present. The most likely candidates are kochia, pennycress, and other mustards. If weeds are present, control measures should be taken soon, but, because of the adverse growing conditions, extra care should be taken this year to make sure the wheat is well tillered before herbicide applications are made.

Weed Control in Oats

Early summer annual weeds such as kochia, smartweed and wild mustard are likely to be problems in oats. Herbicide control options are fewer and risk of crop injury is greater compared to winter wheat. Herbicide applications should be made when the oat crop is in the 3 to 4th leaf stage.

New Herbicides and Registrations

Several new herbicides have been registered recently. There have also been changes in the labels of a number of previously registered herbicides. A brief summary highlighting important points follows.