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Insect Science, Plant Disease, & Weed Science, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 89(10) (May 23, 1989)


Copyright 1989 University of Nebraska


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  • Postemergence Weed Control in Corn
  • Herbicide Drift

Postemergence Weed Control in Corn

Ory weather has reduced herbicide performance, resulting in poor weed control in some early planted corn. To control escaped grasses, atrazine with oil should be applied when the grass is less than 1 ½” tall. Bladex 80W, 90DF or Extrazine II can also be used but don't apply with oil or if the corn is past the 4-leaf stage. Tandem in combination with either Bladex or atrazine increases postemergence activity. If atrazine has already been used as a soil application, be aware of, potential carryover problems from an additional postemergence treatment. If Bladex has already been used as a soil application, do not exceed the maximum labeled rate for your soil type. Prowl plus atrazine (Prozine) or Prowl + Bladex can be applied up to the 4-leaf stage of corn.

Herbicide Drift

Herbicide injury problems from drift and volatility occur each year. Farm crops as well as gardens, ornamentals and windbreaks are damaged. This not only applies to farm chemicals, but turfgrass herbicides as well.